Canadian investigation of Muslim newspaper for anti-Semitic speech:

From the Toronto Star:

Copies of a B.C. Muslim newspaper have been turned over to the province’s hate crimes unit after it published an article accusing “the Jews” of everything from starting both world wars to staging the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

The Canadian Jewish Congress made a complaint seeking a criminal investigation into what it called “a virulently anti-Semitic article” published in The Miracle, a weekly newspaper distributed in Vancouver-area mosques.

The edition featuring the page-long list of misdeeds it claims were committed by Jews also includes a column by Liberal Senator Mobina Jaffer and an advertisement by local Liberal MP Joe Peschisolido.

“It isn’t Arabs lying about and guilt-tripping us with ‘the Holocaust’ — it is Jews,” the article reads. “It wasn’t Arabs who caused the Great Depression — it was Jews. It wasn’t Arabs who started WWI (the First World War) — it was Jews. It wasn’t Arabs who started WWII (the Second World War) — it was Jews.”

The Dec. 19 article, by Idaho resident Edgar Steele, blames Jews for 81 other items, ranging from pedophilia and organized crime to “race-mixing,” militant feminism and “forcing us to allow homosexuals to lead Boy Scout troops.”

The Miracle, published in Delta, has a circulation of about 2,500. Its editorial page claims it is dedicated to Islamic brotherhood and bringing “harmony amongst all Muslim and other communities.”

Chief editor Nusrat Hussain said he had no regrets about publishing Steele’s article.

“We try to keep freedom of speech and not necessarily that we agree with the article and that is what Canada is about,” he said.

“We certainly did not publish it with intentions of hate crime. But if the Jewish congress considers it that, then of course it is their right to think that way.”

Hussain said the newspaper published the article because the editors found it interesting. . . .

Steele is apparently not just an anti-Semite but also an anti-black racist; and my guess would be that he’d have relatively little love for Middle Easterners, too (and certainly not for the tens of millions of Muslims in black Africa, or for that matter for the east Asian Muslims). But, hey, hatred makes strange bedfellows.

     Also see this story for more information.

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