An odd day:

My endorsement of Kerry, my criticism of Bush on grounds of competence, and my criticsm of Badnarik on security grounds have led to some very odd e-mails and blog posts; they’ve left me disagreeing with people I’m ordinarily very closely algined with and agreeing with people I’d really rather not.

But this has to be the oddest of all: Virginia Postrel, the ever-stylish analyst of aesthetics, has charged me,the academic who went through college in a Grimace-purple corduroy jacket (yes, really) and whose idea of office decor is restacking one of the countless fallen stacks of paper, with being excessively concerned with being fashionable and cool. I really don’t know how to react to that, not least because my social circles are pretty different from the ones Virginia refers to to make her point.

Substantively, of course she’s right that I will have plenty to loathe in the policies of a Kerry administration. I’ve never denied it. I’m by no means happy or enthusiastic to be hoping for a Kerry win– I may be even less happy or enthusiastic about it than Mickey Kaus is. But I do hope for it, and intend to vote accordingly.

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