I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: one of my greatest blogospheric joys has been the chance to get introduced to the witty, insightful, and stylish writing of John Holbo. Over at “John and Belle Have a Blog” he’s got an epic post about epics, myths, and comic books that’s very funny and very thoughtful. Readers who (like me) have spent fanboyish time either generating continuity patches, arguing about published continuity patches, or arguing about continuity altogether should go read it. So should the rest of you, of course, but if you’ve never heard of Alan Moore or Crisis it contains references you will find obscure.

Meanwhile, at Crooked Timber, he’s answered Orin’s call (below) for a name “for when advocates on both sides of an ongoing debate switch rhetorical positions, and yet they insist on decrying the inconsistency of their opponents while overlooking their own inconsistency.” The name’s clever and yet right, and he has useful reflections on the underlying phenomenon as well.

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