Speaking of Hit & Run, I notice a Badnarik for President blogad running there. (Right now it’s the 3rd blogad down, in the right-hand column.)

The headline text is “A PLAN FOR PEACE.” Superimposed on the image of Badnarik are the words “The Peace Candidate.” And right below the image we get the words “Priority 1: Get the warmonger out of the White House. Priority 2: Don’t put another one in.”

“Well,” thinks I, “this is interesting. If this is Badnarik’s strategy, then we might for the first time see a Libertarian presidential candidate really running left rather than running right. I don’t know how tactically sound that is, since it means he’ll be competing with Nader for the Kucinich vote, whereas he’s got the ‘Bush is a big-spending protectionist’ ideological space all to himself. On the other hand, Libertarians have been running the “Republicans are big spenders too” campaign since the year after I was born, to no great avail, so maybe this will pay off. Won’t win my vote, but best of luck to ’em.”

The ad made me wonder how Badnarik was going to describe his “Plan for Peace.” So I clicked on thw ad to get transported to his campaign homepage… where the words “war,” “peace,” “Iraq,” “terror,” and so on are entirely missing from the site’s front page. Instead, the first thing the enthusiastic Kucinich voter sees when clicking on the Peace Candidate’s ad is “Today’s Position Paper: Gun Control Means Being Able to Hit your Target.”

This, um, might not be the best way to capitalize on those blogreaders who were attracted by the run-to-the-left PEACE message…

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