Austrian Beer and Wine Bleg:

Next weekend, my girlfriend and I will be hosting a party in honor of F.A. Hayek’s 110th birthday. To celebrate the occasion properly, we need an appropriate supply of Austrian beer and wine. Perhaps some of our more alcoholically sophisticated readers can recommend a good place in the DC or northern Virginia area where such beverages can be purchased.

The party might well be the DC libertarian social event of the season, with various luminaries attending, including multiple Volokh Conspirators. So we need to supply the assembled company with praxeologically appropriate sustenance. The Constitution of Liberty needs proper fortification!

On a slightly more serious note, here’s a link to my post on why Hayek is still relevant today. Indeed, given current efforts to impose at least temporary government planning on large portions of the economy, Hayek is even more relevant today then when I wrote the post last summer. Also still relevant is Hayek’s critique of conservatism.