Bipartisan blogger consensus: Our side’s Congress Leadership is Mediocre. Big split on Afghanistan

In this week’s National Journal poll, the political bloggers were asked to grade the Congressional leadership. Left-leaning bloggers were asked to grade the Democrats, and Right-leaners were asked the grade the Republicans. The Left gave the Democrats a C. The Right gave the Republicans a C+. I gave the Republicans a B, and wrote “Doing a solid job opposing Obama’s out-of-control deficit spending and his attempts to impose federal control on matters that are constitutionally the decisions of individuals or the states. If the Republicans had been similarly firm with Bush’s over-spending and over-federalization, there might be many more of them in Congress today.”

Question two asked, “On balance, would sending more troops to Afghanistan be a political plus or minus for President Obama?” Sixty-five percent of the Right, but only 15 percent of the Left thought it would be a political plus. I voted “plus,” and wrote “In the long term, for both the president’s political standing and for America’s security, victory in Afghanistan is a large plus, and defeat is a disastrous minus.”