Federalist Society National Lawyers Convention This Week

Interested readers may want to check out the Federalist Society National Lawyers Convention, which will be held in Washington DC this week, Thursday to Saturday. At least two Conspirators will be speaking on various panels (Randy Barnett and yours truly). The full schedule is available here. There is still time to register.

It’s only fitting that a Federalist Society convention should have a panel on federalism. So I will be speaking on the panel on “Federalism and the Economic Crisis” on Thursday, 3:45 to 5:15, along with fellow lawprofs Rick Hills (NYU), Malcolm Feeley (Berkeley, coauthor of an important recent book on federalism that I discussed here), and Dean John Eastman of Chapman Law School.

By design, Fed Soc panels usually have liberal participants as well as conservative and libertarian ones, so you will see a wide range of perspectives represented, if you come. For example, Feeley (who believes that federalism is mostly useless in the modern United States) and Hills have very different views on federalism from mine. So, come one, come all.

CONFLICT OF INTEREST WATCH: I am a member of the Fed Soc Federalism and Separation of Powers Practice Group Executive Committee. This exalted position doesn’t carry any salary, nor is the Society paying me for speaking at the Convention or for writing this post – though I’m happy to accept contributions in this age of diminishing blogger advertising revenue.