Question About E-Mail Delivery Based on RSS Feed

On our old blogging software, we had an option through which each post could be sent to a particular e-mail address; we then hooked that up with an e-mail distribution service, and allowed readers to subscribe to Conspiracy posts by e-mail. Several hundred users in fact did that.

I’m re trying to do the same with the new software, but as best I can tell WordPress doesn’t have such a feature (is that right?). People have suggested that I use FeedBlitz or Google’s FeedBurner to generate e-mail based on our RSS feed. But this has two problems: First, it only seems to provide for daily digests, not individual posts (which could be good for some people, but I’d like to give readers the option of what to do). And, second, and more important, neither service seems to include the name of each post’s author together with the post. Can anyone recommend some way of avoiding these problems, and especially the second one? Many thanks!