Verizon FIOS

A while back, I blogged in praise of Verizon FIOS, and especially my happy experiences with its customer service relative to Comcast. I’m not as happy now.

First, I switched to a Triple Play plan. I was promised a mini-computer. I never received the minicomputer. I called twice. Both times I was told that I was entitled to a minicomputer, and would be receiving the relevant documents shortly. I called a third time. I was told that in fact I was not eligible for a minicomputer because I was an “existing customer.”

Second, I upgraded to a HDTV box. The customer service rep asked if I wanted a DVR. I said no. She said, “why don’t you just take it and see if you like it, it’s free for three months.” I responded that I didn’t want the hassle of returning equipment. She told me that I wouldn’t have to return anything, they could just turn off the DVR function remotely. She lied.

Third, after the big snowstorms this Winter, a neighbor’s tree was leaning on our FIOS wire (way too high for us to go anything about it ourselves). We contacted Verizon several times to ask that they do some preventive maintenance. They promised to come by. They never did. Last week, our FIOS went out on Thursday morning. No t.v., no home phone, no internet. No technician was available until Sunday, an unacceptably long time, IMHO. The technician came on Sunday. Surprise, surprise, the tree had bent the wire. I contacted FIOS about getting a credit for the service disruption and the related inconvenience. I was told that I have to wait until I get my next bill before we could even discuss it.

My contract expires this Summer. I’m wondering whether Comcast has improved its customer service…