Rufus Peckham KOs Oliver Wendell Holmes

I recently sent the final version of my “Rehabilitating Lochner” manuscript to University of Chicago Press for proofreading, typesetting and so forth. Yay! The book should be out in Spring 2011.

At some point, my editor asked me for my conception of the cover. I chose something unrealistic, but that I really liked. And I hired an artist to do a mock up based on my idea, to use for my own p.r. for the book, if not the cover.

LOCHNER-- final 600 (3)

Historical notes: Peckham wrote the majority opinion in Lochner, Holmes wrote a famous dissent. The guy on the right in the Lochner bakery apron is Joseph Lochner, based on photos of him. The audience members are dressed in “authentic” bakers’ outfits of the day, based on a photo of Lochner’s employees.