Latin Translation bleg

Would someone like to do a Latin to English translation of Leonado Bruni’s “De Militia”? It’s a 20 page essay from mid-15th century Florence, extolling the militia as the best defense of a free city-state. I can send you the original Latin text, which has been cleaned up so it’s in easily-read printed format, rather than the specialized medieval Latin script. This would be a useful addition to modern knowledge of the Renaissance’s militia philosophy. Currently, the only extended English translations of Italian Renaissance writings on the militia are texts by Machiavelli.

The translation will be published on my website, and an excerpt will appear in a forthcoming book. (I post an announcement about that book in a few weeks.) Of course you’ll receive formal credit for the translation, thus garnering fame and honor, if not fortune.

If you’re possibly interested, but don’t want do to all 20 pages, then it might be possible to pick the shorter passage for the book, and just translate that. However, you would still have to read the whole essay, so we could work together to pick the best excerpt.

Please contact me via the e-mail address supplied on the lower right-hand column of my website.