More Interesting Results from 23 and Me

I ran my DNA through the “EuroDNACalc” program and got the following results:
NORTHWEST EURO: Maximum Likelihood Estimate=20% Interval=[0, 53]
SOUTHEAST EURO: Maximum Likelihood Estimate=44% Interval=[4, 81]
ASHKENAZI JEWISH: Maximum Likelihood Estimate=36% Interval=[14, 60]

From a different source on 23 and Me, it appears that approximately 60% of people who have sent their DNA sample to the company and who share some of my genes identify themselves as Ashkenazim, and 40% do not. So it seems pretty clear that I have a substantial admixture of non-Ashkenazic European genes, which, among other things, helps explains my blond-haired blue-eyed paternal grandmother, and my blue-eyed maternal grandfather. (What’s not clear to me is whether EuroDNACalc is accounting at all for my possible non-Ashkenazic Jewish ancestry, as 23 and Me results suggest that my paternal ancestors were expelled from Sicily in 1492).

Also of interest, 23 and Me calculates where the “center” of your DNA is on a world map. My wife and I were in almost exactly the same place (somewhere in the Northwestern Near East, near as I can tell), even though her family is from Iraq, and mine from Eastern Europe. She has a bit more DNA that originated in the East, and I have a bit more from Europe.

Interesting stuff.