I’m Guessing This Legal Argument Won’t Work

From the www.wkyc.com in Cleveland/Akron, via SCOTUSblog:

Frank G. Spisak Jr., the convicted killer of three who is scheduled to be executed Thursday, is making a last-minute appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court to delay his execution based on comments against the death penalty by Ohio Supreme Court Justice Paul Pfeifer. Spisak has been on death row 27 years.

Spisak, a Nazi sympathizer, is scheduled to die Thursday for killing three men at Cleveland State University as part of what he called “hunting parties” to find and shoot blacks.

Spisak, 59, says recent comments by Pfeifer opposing the death penalty are a sign capital punishment has been carried out unconstitutionally in Ohio.

I’m not entirely sure, but I gather that the “recent comments by Pfeifer” refers to this recent op-ed.