March Madness Update and Apology

It appears that I created some confusion in finding the correct bracket for this year’s contest.  Apparently some of the groups from past years are still existing on the CBS Sports website and some people have ended up in one of those, in particular a group from a previous year called “Volokh.”

I’m going to try to see if I can import those brackets into this year’s, which is titled “Volokh Conspiracy.”  The correct bracket for this year that I linked the other day is here: if you simply want to reenter your picks there.

My apologies for the confusion!  And to answer a question in the previous comments–yes, you can have a VC coffee mug or some other memorbilia of comparable or less price instead of a t-shirt.

Update: Actually, it looks like only the player can import their brackets from one bracket to the other.  I’m sorry for the confusion.