Illinois Supreme Court Victory for (Some) Nonresidents Who Transport Guns in Their Cars

The case is People v. Holmes (Apr. 7); the court overturned an appellate court decision that essentially barred people who don’t live in Illinois from transporting guns in their cars (since those people can’t get Illinois Firearm Owners Identification cards).

Under the court’s interpretation of Illinois statutes, people who are “licensed or registered to possess a firearm” under the laws of their states of residence are treated the same — at least for this purpose — as people who live in Illinois and have Illinois Firearm Owners Identification cards. The decision, however, doesn’t benefit people who lawfully own guns in their home states, but don’t have a license or registration for the gun because their home states don’t require such licenses or registration.

This is just a decision under Illinois statutes, and has no broader constitutional dimensions; for information about the constitutional challenge to Illinois restrictions on nonresidents, see this post. Still, I thought the decision might be interesting to our readers. Thanks to Tim Nuccio for the pointer.