Wisconsin Gets a Limited Hand Recount

The Journal-Sentinel reports that Wisconsin state Supreme Court Justice David Prosser and his challenger, Joanne Kloppenburg, have agreed to a partial hand recount covering select portions of the state.

Dane County Judge Richard Niess approved the deal Thursday, allowing the statewide recount to continue with the hand recount in the specific areas.

Jim Troupis, an attorney for Prosser, said the hand recount would be held in areas in which older voting machines do not allow their data to be copied, which would require their data to be destroyed before the machines could be used in a recount. That would involve municipalities in at least 31 counties.

“In those areas, we’ve agreed to a hand recount,” Troupis said.

Kloppenburg attorney Susan Crawford said her side agreed as well.

“We think this is a fair result,” Crawford said.

In approving it, Niess said that the deal was “absolutely the right way to go.”