The Nuclear Option Revisited

In the wake of Goodwin Liu’s decision to withdraw his nomination to the Ninth Circuit, the Chairman of the California Democratic Party is urging Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid consider the “nuclear option.” TPM Muckraker reports:

Former California State Sen. John Burton writes that if Republicans controlled the Senate — “God forbid” –they “would not hesitate to flush the sixty-vote procedure down the toilet.”

“After reading about the despicable act by the Republican minority, denying Goodwin Liu an up-or-down vote to sit on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, I believe it is time to consider taking a page from the Republican playbook when they were in the majority and threatened to exercise the nuclear option when dealing with Presidential appointees,” Chairman Burton writes in the letter.

“Many Democrats throughout California and the nation are sick and tired of the minority party’s disproportionate impact on one of the great legacies of President Obama, an enlightened and intelligent judiciary,” Burton writes.

Burton’s letter is here.