Soldier –> Conscientious Objector –> Child Pornography Defendant –> Would-Be Bomber?

That seems to be the story of Naser Abdo, who has been in the news much more than the average private. See “Devout Muslim Soldier Hopes to Avoid Deployment to Afghanistan” (ABC News, Aug. 31, 2010), “[Abdo was] charged with child pornography after 34 images were found on his government issued computer” (Leaf Chronicle (Tenn.), June 15, 2011), “The Army says a Muslim soldier from Fort Campbell who won conscientious objector status but then was charged with possessing child pornography has gone AWOL” (AP, July 20, 2011), “FBI: AWOL soldier had bomb materials near Ft. Hood” (AP, July 28, 2011); UPDATE: “Fort Hood Plot: AWOL Soldier Planned Dual Bombing, Shooting, Officials Say” (ABC News, July 28, 2011).