GW Law Announces VAP Program

I’m pleased to report that GW Law is announcing a new Visiting Associate Professor program — aka, a VAP program. It’s designed for those interested in law teaching. I have posted the announcement here. Applications are due starting next week.

My hope is that GW’s VAP program should be particularly appealing for prospective law professors. First, it’s in Washington, DC, which is a pretty great place to be. Second, the GW program will take an unusually flexible view toward the teaching responsibilities of the VAPs — the goal will be to tailor teaching to each VAP’s interests. Third, the VAPs will be counseled by members of the law school faculty’s Intellectual Life committee, a group that includes me. And fourth, VAPs will be visiting associate professors, not visiting assistant professors. (Ok, so that’s a meaningless distinction that just reflects quirky GW-specific labeling practices — think of it as the academic equivalent of going to eleven — but maybe it matters to someone out there.)