N.C. Legislature Debating Anti-SSM Constitutional Amendment

You can watch it live here.  It’ll be interesting to see whether supporters of the amendment make substantive arguments in opposition to same-sex marriage.  Recently, they have emphasized only the desire to leave the issue to voters.

UPDATE: The amendment passed the state house, 75-42.  It moves to the state senate.

SECOND UPDATE:  A story with a link to the langage is available here, including a link to the amendment language (H/T: Rex Wockner)  The language is unusual, but it appears to be one of the broadest amendments that’s been proposed in any state, banning not just SSM but any “domestic legal union” other than an opposite-sex marriage.  That appears to target civil unions and domestic partnerships, for starters.  The other noteworthy fact about passage is that’s it’s proposed for the May 2012 primary rather than the 2012 general election.  That will maximize the chances of passage since turnout among Republicans may be especially high as compared to Democrats during the primary.