Guatemala’s Lost Civil War Photographs at the NYT Lens Blog

I’ve been light on blogging for the past while, due to a relentless travel schedule and still-more relentless editors on several projects.  However, I did not want to let the day go by without congratulating my Beloved Wife, Jean-Marie Simon, for the online exhibition and commentary in the New York Times Lens photography blog today.  It’s an astounding number of photographs from a book forthcoming in Guatemala of photographs taken during that country’s 1980s civil war.  One interesting feature of this book is that it was produced with $20,000 raised from the crowd-sourcing fundraising site Kickstarter. Also, Beloved Wife, despite some initial skepticism when she began this project to republish her photographs from the 1980s, concluded that the book and photographs could be produced with as high or better quality in Guatemala.  The book by its nature is highly political; Beloved Wife covered a civil war, combat, many military and guerrilla operations, and the whole campaign of state terrorism and disappearances of that conflict; the photographs are sometimes graphic and violent.  Congratulations, Jean-Marie.

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