Seeking a District of Nevada Bar Member for a Very Small Task

I’m handling a pro bono Ninth Circuit appeal from a District of Nevada decision in an interesting First Amendment case, and the filing of the notice of appeal requires local counsel who is a member of the District of Nevada bar. (I’m a member of the Ninth Circuit bar, so I can do all the filings in the Ninth Circuit, but not in the District of Nevada.)

Might any of our readers be interested in being pro bono local counsel, for purposes of the filing of the notice of appeal and perhaps one or two other straightforward tasks, such as the ordering of the transcript? Mayer Brown LLP, through which I’m doing the case, will take care of all the filing costs. Let me know, please, if you’re interested in principle, so that I can tell you more about the case. The notice of appeal would need to be filed early this week.

UPDATE: Taken care of, thanks!