The Kochs Respond to the Washingtonian Article on the Cato v. Koch Conflict

Charles and David Koch have posted a response to the recent Washingtonian article on the origins of the Kochs’ lawsuit seeking to take control of the Cato Institute. Since I did a post on the original article, it’s only fair that I link to the response as well.

That said, neither the original article nor this response include anything that changes my mind about the bottom line. I continue to believe that the Kochs’ suit is ultimately a mistake likely to cause more harm than good, for reasons I outlined back in March. Even if the Kochs’ position is legally correct (which is far from clear), this is one of those times when the best course of action is to refrain from exercising a legal right. There is no violation of libertarian principle in recognizing that. I still hope that this dispute will be resolved with as little damage to Cato and the libertarian movement as possible.

NOTE: I described my various connections to the two sides in this conflict here.