My Reason Interview

Since its founding in the 1970s, Reason Magazine has featured “The Reason Interview” with all the major libertarian figures, from Hayek to Nozick to Rothbard.  (Reason should make all these interviews available online, but only a fraction of its archives are accessible.)  Since I started reading the magazine way back in college, I have been hoping one day to earn a Reason interview of my own.  So, earlier this week, I was very pleased to visit Reason‘s DC offices to be interviewed by Damon Root.  Here is the video from which the print interview in the magazine will be taken.  In it, I discuss the Affordable Care Act challenge (natch), the “National Problems Power” favored by 99% of con law professors, the lack of ideological diversity in the legal academy, how I came to originalism, Lysander Spooner, radical versus constitutional abolitionism, how the original Constitution can be compared with a well-engineered airplane, why libertarians should not make their happiness contingent on achieving a libertarian society, and more: