Funny Spam Book Ad

Here’s a piece of spam I got promoting a self-published book; note the last sentence I quote below:

We all know about the Nigerian scams, namely the infamous 419 code. Well I have unearth a full story exploiting the scams, and this book could possibly put a lot of mischievous Nigerian scammers out of work and save the U.S the yearly half a billion dollars wanted on the 419 investigations. What is this book? [Title and author omitted. -EV] While the story is fictional, the premise to this story is promising to be the hardest hardboiled fiction of its kind.

This book exploit the 419 code to a level never exploited before, and explains why the Nigerian 419 code is now much stronger the Sicilian mafia codes.

The author to this book is no stranger to the laws himself, and he is a Nigerian mastermind who has perfected his writing skill and grammatically expose all forms of the scams to their full extent….