Josh Wright Nominated to be FTC Commissioner

Congratulations to my friend and GMU colleague Josh Wright, who has just been nominated to a seat on the Federal Trade Commission.  It is reported that Josh will be the first JD/PhD to serve on the commission.  I cannot overstate how much I respect Josh’s intellect, judgment, and integrity–this is a great get for the FTC.  If confirmed, Josh would join Maureen Ohlhausen, GMU law alum and who served as Deputy Director in my office when I was at the FTC (and Acting Director then Director) when I left.  Maureen has already made an impact at the FTC and the two of them will be a formidable intellectual force on the Republican side of the Commission.  Considering the number of big issues on the FTC’s agenda these days, having someone with Josh’s expertise in both law and economics will be a huge asset to the Commission.