Justice Scalia Kicks Off New Georgetown Center for the Constitution

On November 20th, after visiting my seminar, Recent Books on the Constitution, Justice Scalia held a book signing for Reading Law at Georgetown Law for the inaugural event of the new Georgetown Center for the Constitution that I will be directing.

Georgetown Law Dean William Treanor, Justice Antonin Scalia, and Professor Randy Barnett

The Georgetown Center for the Constitution will be devoted to studying and developing originalist textualism. I will post more on the projected scope of its activities soon when our web page goes live.   But, in addition to events such as this one, the Center will offer two 2-year fellowships in residence at Georgetown to assist in preparing for law teaching positions, an annual conference, a week-long credited summer seminar for law students on “Originalism and the Federalist Papers” (cosponsored with the Legal Studies Institute of the Fund for American Studies) and a summer weekend boot camp for originalist scholars to examine both the theory of originalism and how it should best be practiced in a rigorous and nonideological manner.