Renaming the Washington Redskins

I agree with Charles Krauthammer that the Redskins should be renamed out of common courtesy. I also think the name should reflect something unique or at least prominent about the team’s metropolitan area. You can call the team the “Lobbyists,” the “Government Contractors,” the “Domestic Spies,” the “Corrupt City Officials,” the “Partisans,” the “Thirtysomething Housemates,” the “Pork Barrels,” the “Unpaid Interns,” the “Tax Collectors,” the “Washington Waste, Fraud and Abuse,” the “Permanent Bureaucracy,” the “Red Tape” or the “Washington Gridlock.”

I favor the Washington “Special Interests,” but I do like the idea of hearing on the radio “the Washington Red Tape strangled the Jets last night, 28-7,” or “the Washington Bureaucracy suffocated the Broncos, 15-10.” [Fixed my brain freeze placing the Redksins in the NBA! I don’t watch or otherwise care about football, but I do know that the Redskins are a football team.]

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