New Expanded Edition of “Restoring the Lost Constitution” is now on sale (for $18.65)

The updated and expanded edition of my book Restoring the Lost Constitution: The Presumption of Liberty, published by Princeton University Press, is now for sale on for $18.65.  The new edition features a 60-page Afterword on “Things I have Learned Since the First Edition,” which is quite a lot.   Here are the topic headings of the new Afterword:

  • Individual Popular Sovereignty and Presumed Consent
  • Did the Constitution Protect Economic Liberty?
  • How Judges Can Protect the Rights Retained by the People Without Identifying Them
  • The Empirical Nature of the New Originalism
  • The Gravitational Force of Originalism
  • A “Constitution in Exile” Movement?
  • Does This Book Offer a “Libertarian” Interpretation of the Constitution?

But wait, there’s more: an Appendix with a revised version of the “Bill of Federalism” amendments I proposed in 2009.  (For example, the Repeal Amendment now empowers a majority of states with a majority of the population to repeal any federal law or regulation, rather than the original proposed 2/3 of states.)

For those readers who are in DC, next week on Friday morning at 11am, I will be signing books at the Federalist Society Annual Lawyers Convention at the Mayflower Hotel.  You can buy your copy there, or bring yours along.