The Lon Fuller Website

I was googling around yesterday and stumbled across a website that I think is a pretty cool idea:, a website created by the estate of the law professor and legal theorist Lon Fuller. Fuller died in 1978, but his estate set up the website to have a short biography of Fuller (with some personal pictures) and a list of his major works. Unfortunately, the links to Fuller’s scholarship are still a work in progress — the site hosts only two of the articles, even though others can be found online. And when I tried to submit a message to the site, it didn’t go through. But implementation aside, the basic idea of setting up and maintaining a website to feature a late professor’s scholarly works seems like a fitting way to honor that professor.

I gather that SSRN postings are maintained after death, as well — see, for example, the SSRN pages of the late Bill Stuntz and Larry Ribstein. So SSRN homepages can serve at least part of that function, too. But I also like the idea of the personal website with links that can be maintained over the long run, given that you never know what will happen to SSRN.