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The French Mind:

I’ve been on a bit of a Roman poet/philosopher kick the last year or so, and I was leafing through a biography of Seneca, the great Roman philosopher, by Paul Veyne, Professor of Classics at the College de France in Paris. I came across this little gem: Veyne describes the the “modernity” of Seneca’s writing style in the latter’s Dialogues: “short, clear, penetrating, telling sentences that can make difficult questions accessible by means of a sudden metaphor.” And then: “Despite his clarity, Seneca still must be taken seriously as a philosopher.” !!! That “despite his clarity” sort of sums it all up, no? [...]

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Another Washington Post story today reports that apparently Arnold Schwarzenegger’s not such a bad governor after all! The story has this great nugget:

Last fall, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, California’s Democratic eminence, denounced the recall vote that led to Schwarzenegger’s election as a grave threat to democracy. A few days ago, she stood beside the governor at a campaign rally and lavished praise on him, saying that he “has brought a very strong breath of fresh air to this state.”


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Higher Education:

A story in today’s Washington Post reports on the final exam given by Jim Harrick, Jr., the former assistant basketball coach at the University of Georgia (and son of Head Coach Jim Harrick, Sr.) in his class on Principles and Strategies of Basketball in 2001. [The print edition of today’s Post also has the actual exam itself — though that doesn’t seem to be available online] Questions included the following:

“How many goals does a basketball court have?” [Ans: 2]
“How many halves are there in a basketball game?” [Ans: 2]
“How many points is a 3-point goal worth?” [Ans: 3]

     It would be pretty funny if it weren’t so pathetic. [...]

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To The Archeologists of the Future:

Should you have unearthed, during your digging around the detritus of our long-vanished civilization, the Op-Ed article in yesterday’s New York Times by Erin Sullivan (“The Stars Have Voted“), do not be misled. You wouldn’t know it from reading the article, but we actually did not believe that the configuration of the stars at the moment of one’s birth held the key to one’s destiny. What possessed the editors of the NY Times — the “newspaper of record”! — to publish an apparently serious discussion of the Democratic hopefuls’ horoscopes is beyond my comprehension. Slow news day, I guess. [...]

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Conspiracy in the court:

Reader Bob Ambrogi points out that a blog posting of mine has made it into a published opinion of the Massachusetts federal district court in the case of Suboh v. Borgioli. Alas, it was not some brilliant piece of legal reasoning, shot through with insight and perceptive legal analysis; instead, it was a reference to the lyrics of the parody song “Appointed Forever,” a poke at the penchant of federal judges to see themselves as divinely ordained, written by the Bar and Grill Singers. Nice to know nonetheless that we’re being read (and that some federal judges — Judge C.J. Young, in this case — have a sense of humor). [...]

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