Where are they?:
If you're looking for the early word on today's Supreme Court decisions, my advice is to click here early and often. If you're looking for links to the new opinions, my sense is that Howard usually posts links to the new decisions first, usually by about 11 am east coast time.

  UPDATE: SCOTUSblog reports:
Splitting 5-4, the Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that a local government may seize private property for purposes of profit-making private development, declaring that this constitutes a "public use" under the Constitution. (Kelo v. New London, 04-108).
  No word on whether they simultaneously announced the seizure to be in "interstate commerce." But I would check the footnotes just in case.

  ANOTHER UPDATE: According to the AP, the line-up was 5-4 with Kennedy joining the left-of-center Justices. In an echo of Gonzales v. Raich, Stevens wrote the majority, and O'Connor wrote the dissent. I haven't read the opinions, as they haven't been posted online yet, but Kennedy's vote comes as a surprise to me.

  ANOTHER UPDATE: The Kelo opinions are here. Justice Kennedy filed a concurring opinion, and Thomas filed a dissent.