Sandra O'Connor To Retire:

"Sandra O'Connor . . . has said she will retire, her office said Wednesday," reports the AP, for some reason from Baltimore, of all places. Thanks to How Appealing for the pointer.

Either you're kidding or you didn't read the AP report.

Sandra O'Connor, Baltimore County's state's attorney for more than three decades, has said she will retire, her office said Wednesday.
6.29.2005 8:37pm
I fail to see how that makes the cruel Prof. Volokh's posting inaccurate in any way.
6.29.2005 8:41pm
myalterego (mail):
You might be a law nerd if... you saw the title of the post, your heart rate went up, then after reading the article you were disappointed/relieved (depending on your view of the balance of the Court).
6.29.2005 8:41pm
Craig Oren (mail):
yeah, then I'm a law nerd. . . . my respiration rate increased, too. . .
6.29.2005 8:50pm
Timothy Sandefur (mail) (www):
You're a bad man, Volokh, getting us nerds all worked up like that.

I have to calm down before going back to scouring your posts for coded messages in, like, the second letter of every other word or something....
6.29.2005 8:56pm
Eugene Volokh (www):
The same thing happened to me when I first saw it on How Appealing. And remember that my brother Sasha is about to start clerking for Justice O'Connor, so the matter has become quite personal for the Volokh family . . . .
6.29.2005 9:05pm
Dave! (mail) (www):
That was a dirty, dirty trick...
6.29.2005 9:18pm
Michelle Dulak Thomson (mail):
Jeez, Eugene, that was nasty. But doubtless irresistible.
6.29.2005 9:29pm
tim (mail):
Grrrr... the fact that you suffered as much or more is no excuse Eugene!
6.29.2005 10:17pm
Barbara Skolaut (mail):
Heh. Eugene (you rat), good one! :-D

Got my pulse up for a moment....
6.29.2005 10:22pm
SteveMG (mail):
Senator Kennedy will bring this incident up during you confirmation hearings.

If he doesn't, we'll all stage a protest in the room.


6.29.2005 11:14pm
Greedy Clerk (mail):
Checi this out at Daily Kos Someone saw this here and then posted the same thing over there as a joke. All the commenters got mad because the person who posted it was "toying with their emotions". Looks like the only people with less of a sense of humor than hardcore conservatives are hardcore liberals. . .. . .
6.30.2005 1:44am
The Hill:
Bravo. This, unlike my morning cup of coffee, actually woke me up.
6.30.2005 12:22pm
Sparky (mail):
Grrr. I emailed my ex-husband to tell him the news. Then I had to email him my retraction.
6.30.2005 12:44pm
truefoe (mail):
What will you all do now that it is official? I think she did the job she was placed in the position to do. The neo-cons are firmly in control and the world is a far more dangerous place for it.
7.1.2005 5:29pm