Bankruptcy Reform Symposia?

Are any law reviews planning symposia on the Bankruptcy Reform Legislation?

If they are you'll be the only law professor in the country writing in favor of the legislation.
6.30.2005 12:10pm
Shelby (mail):
Oh, I doubt that. One thing I learned in law school is, at least 80% of professors will disagree with me on any given subject. I strongly opposed the legislation; ipso facto, most professors support it.
6.30.2005 12:52pm
Jason in MN (mail):
I am the Editor-in-Chief for the Hamline Law Review. In July we will be finalizing our Spring 2006 Symposium topic. Bankruptcy reform is one of the options we are discussing.
6.30.2005 1:25pm
J .L. Budman, II (mail):
Mr. Zywicki,

The Widener Law Journal, Harrisburg, is planning a symposium in the fall 2005 on the new Bankruptcy Reform Laws.
7.1.2005 8:55am