Retirement Blogging:
Lost of interesting blogging about the retirement announcement of Justice O'Connor over at Bench Memos.
SupremacyClaus (mail):
The Justice with the most common sense and best judicial temperament does the right thing. Classy. Far more quietly intelligent than Scalia. I would have wanted her as a fair arbiter in any case I would have had.

This is a good opportunity to change the number of seats to 10 or some other even number.

This is too early to propose the exclusion of all lawyers from any future seats. But, that would be the best change.

Both would be achieved by mere legislation by the master of this bad, out of control dog. Attendance at Euro jurist seminars should also be banned by law.

The history of the Court has devastated our nation, starting with Marbury, its first criminal act, followed by catastrophic error after just unbelievable error ever since. Now they have brought Zimbabwe grade government management of property rights to our shore. The Congress has to act to protect us from these cult criminals.

The majority of our social, political, and economic threats can be traced to these criminal cult enterprise enforcers seeking the rent. Whatever success has been achieved by the American people has been despite their anchor like obstructionism and extortion for the purpose of generating lawyer welfare jobs.
7.1.2005 6:32pm