Doonesbury Attacks Bloggers.--

There are two cartoons in the last few days that feature bloggers and catfood. Glenn Reynolds has DayByDay up on his site today.

And yesterday Garry Trudeau in his Sunday Doonesbury strip was attacking bloggers (tip to my daughter Katie).

He has Mark on the radio getting the better of a blogger named "Slamz88." Mark says:

"Isn't blogging basically for angry, semi-employed losers who are too untalented or too lazy to get real jobs in journalism?"

After the slow-witted Slamz88 tries not to sound like the loser he really is, Mark tricks him into admitting that his favorite flavor of catfood is Friskies.

Hah, Hah! The loser blogger eats catfood (or used to eat catfood). "Semi-employed" poor people are just so funny in their eating habits, aren't they? Just hilarious!

As for what this blogger eats, this week I got back from a vacation in Zurich and Tuscany; I had some unusual and interesting foods, but I don't remember Friskies being on the menu. I admit that I'm still partial to some foods that I ate as a college student at Yale. (Money was tight then--I attended on a need-based, full tuition scholarship.) Indeed, in Trudeau's honor, I just made grilled cheese sandwiches for my family (with American cheese and white bread, no less!).

I remember when Trudeau ate rather more modestly. In the early 1970s when Doonesbury was already a hit strip in the national newspapers, I recall seeing Trudeau on campus and hearing that he was eating at least some of his meals in the Yale residential college dining halls (he may have been taking some graduate school classes at the time).

Remember when Doonesbury was cool, when it tried to shake up not only the political establishment but the old media establishment as well.

UPDATE: I was thinking that the next blogging competitor to "Pajamas Media" ought to be named "Catfood Media"--that perhaps we should add to the list of insults (such as bloggers in their pajamas) a new insult: bloggers eating catfood or catfood-loving bloggers.

2d UPDATE: I see that Nick Stewart was already discussing the Sunday Doonesbury strip (tip to Instapundit).

3d UPDATE: Alan Henderson has more tasty comments on cat food.