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Nested Words:

There is a well-known three word phrase/saying/slogan whose third word is contained entirely (using consecutive letters) within its second word and whose first word is contained entirely (and consecutively) within its third word. E.g., "Hose Choset chose" would work if it were a well-known phrase/saying/slogan. I've enabled comments and if it's too difficult I'll add hints throughout the day.

Steve K:
Is This His?
7.18.2005 2:04pm
William Spieler (mail) (www):
"A Randy Andy" doesn't count, I'd imagine.
7.18.2005 2:07pm
Zubon (mail) (www):
"I Like Ike" ("I" and "consecutively" could be an issue...)
7.18.2005 2:07pm
Maniakes (mail) (www):
There's the well known Chimpanzee proverb "Ook ook ook!"
7.18.2005 2:25pm
Eh Nonymous (mail) (www):
Along the lines of Maniakes' sober and insightful entry, I propose:

Haste Makste Wastkes.
7.18.2005 2:39pm
Kevan Choset (mail):
Zubon's got it. Looks like I won't need to post any hints.
7.18.2005 2:41pm
David M. Nieporent (www):
"Hose Choset chose" is a common expression in my house.
7.18.2005 3:04pm
This puzzle was weak. Try harder next time.
7.18.2005 4:48pm
"Location, location, location" would also qualify, I believe.
7.18.2005 6:43pm
Dubner (www):
And there's "Go with it," "Get with it," and so on.
7.19.2005 3:25pm
Dubner, read the original post again.
7.19.2005 3:41pm