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Intra-Court Clerkships:

John Roberts clerked for Justice Rehnquist in 1980-81. If he is confirmed, it appears the two men will serve on the Court together. Would this be the first time that two people, one of whom clerked for the other (on any court) served together on the Supreme Court?

[The Times ran an interesting article about the many other connections between the people involved in the nomination process.]

Justice Fuller:
Yes, I think it would be, if "the Supreme Court" means the U.S. Supreme Court.
7.20.2005 11:42am
A Blogger:
I think the only Justices who clerked for any court are:

Justices White, Breyer, Stevens, Rehnquist for the SCT.
Justice Blackmun for the CA8 (Sanborn, I think).
Justice Ginsburg for a DCT judge, I think.
7.20.2005 12:04pm
the pooka (mail):
Yes, it would be.
7.20.2005 2:46pm
Jim Beha:
It has never happened on the Supreme Court, but has happened in the Circuit Courts, including currently on the Seventh Circuit where Terence Evans sits with his former clerk Diane Sykes (though Evans was on the district court when Sykes clerked for him). Anyone know how many times this has happened?
7.20.2005 3:53pm
Justin (mail):
McReynolds "clerked" for Howell Jackson, but not on a court (Jackson was a US Senator at the time).
7.20.2005 3:55pm
SGW (mail):
Also, Judge Eric Clay (of the 6th Cir) clerked for Judge Damon Keith (also of the 6th Cir) when Judge Keith was a district judge.
7.20.2005 3:58pm
Sean Sirrine (mail) (www):
As has been said, it has never happened. A3G has gotten a response to this same question to this effect:

A well-informed reader offers this enlightening response: "Never. There have been four Supreme Court law clerks who were later Justices: Justice White (clerked for Chief Justice Vinson), Chief Justice Rehnquist (clerked for Justice Jackson), Justice Stevens (clerked for Justice Rutledge), and Justice Breyer (clerked for Justice Goldberg). A scan of the lists reflects that there is no overlap between the terms of service of any of these pairs of names."
7.20.2005 4:43pm
Edward A. Hoffman (mail):
Another instance on the circuit court level: Alex Kozinski clerked for Anthony Kennedy of the Ninth Circuit, and the two later served together (albeit in differen cities) from Kozinski's appointment to the same court in November 1985 until Kennedy was elevated to the Supreme Court in February 1988.
7.20.2005 6:40pm
toady (mail):
It is like the seven degrees of separation, this links Roberts to Justice Robert Jackson. Roberts clerked for Rehnquist, who clerked for Justice Robert Jackson.
7.21.2005 2:01pm