Do You Have a Friend or Relative in Law School?

In my entirely unbiased opinion, my Academic Legal Writing: Law Review Articles, Student Notes, Seminar Papers, and Getting on Law Review is a thoughtful and useful back-to-school gift for such people:

  1. First-year students can use it to help them get onto a law journal, and can also use some of the tips in the Writing section for their first-year writing class.
  2. Second-year students can use it to write a law journal note.
  3. Both second-year and third-year students can use it to write seminar papers, and to do independent writing projects.

You can find some reader reviews at amazon, but I thought I'd also pass along several unsolicited messages I got from readers over the past two months:

Cory Olson: "I'll keep this quick. Your book is excellent and I will recommend it to everyone. In fact, I'm going to recommend that we require everyone on my journal (Minnesota Journal of Law, Science and Technology) be required to buy a copy. I read your book just before grading/reviewing this year's petitions to get on the journals. Everything the book said couldn't be more obvious when you saw the difference the techniques made. You can also tell that many people had read your book before writing their petition." "Your book will be the first place I turn before starting my next article. . . . I've found that the ideas have helped my non-academic work as well."

[Name omitted at my correspondent's request, but I assure you it isn't "Volokh"]: "I bought your book a few months ago and I just wanted to let you know that I think the advice you gave about the writing competition is a major reason why I earned a spot on the law review at my school. I look forward to reading the part about writing student notes. Thanks for writing the book."

Leslie Reed: "Looks like your Academic Legal Writing book has proven highly useful yet again. Danny Pouladian and I won an award from UCLA for our published paper. It's called the Aaron Award and comes with not only the honor but also a nice little sum of cash to split! We didn't even know we were up for it, but we received word this week that our paper had been awarded the honor."

Anthony Ciolli: "Tonight I received an offer to have my career placement paper published in the upcoming volume of Jurimetrics; another journal has also solicited an additional article from me. I just wanted to thank you . . . for your wonderful book that inspired me to write this article. If I had not read it, I would never have even thought of writing the paper as a lowly 1L, let alone submitting it for publication."

How can you get this fabulous late-August stocking-stuffer? The book should be available from amazon. Make sure you order the Third Edition (that's the link to which I just pointed).

For the Third Edition, the publisher is no longer sending me author's copies for signing and resale; but if you'd like me to send you a free personalized bookplate (basically just a label) to be pasted inside the book, just e-mail me at and tell me (1) the name and address to which you want the bookplate sent, and (2) the inscription you'd like me to use.

You can go to Legal Books Distributing, which offers prompt shipment; you can also get it at amazon, but they threaten shipping within 12 to 14 days, sorry to say.

You can also get a personalized copy from me; the publisher was good enough to send me a box of 50. Just send to a paypal draft for $27.99, which is what amazon charges (given the cover price and shipping). Please include (1) the name and address to which you want the book sent, and (2) the inscription you'd like me to use. Or, if you prefer snail-mail, just send a check and those two all-important pieces of information to:

Eugene Volokh
UCLA School of Law
405 Hilgard Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90095

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Michael Lichtenstein (mail):
Mr. Volokh,

I am a regular reader of your site and a great admirer of your writing. Have you written any books on legal writing more generally, say for practitioners out of law school who would like to improve their legal writing (briefs, issue memoranda for law firm consumption, etc.)? If not, can you recommend such a book?

Thank you! And thanks for the great work!
8.8.2005 3:12pm
Fern R (mail):
Add my name to the list of people who greatly appreciated having your book around.

Michael--I highly reccomend anything by Bryan Garner for general legal writing. I own Legal Writing in Plain English and The Winning Brief and have found both to be incredibly helpful. A friend of mine swears by Garner's The Red Book: A Manual on Legal Style, but I haven't checked it out yet.
8.8.2005 3:21pm
aslanfan (mail):
I recommend re-reading Strunk &White's Elements of Style at least once a year, and slepping with it under your pillow.
8.8.2005 3:23pm
Michael Lichtenstein (mail):
Thanks, Fern R and aslanfan!
8.8.2005 3:31pm
PG (mail) (www):
For more law professor praise of the book (and also potential copyright violation, though if ever there were a fair use case), see here.
8.9.2005 5:00am
I, a non-law student recently bought Academic Legal Writing for my incoming 1L friend's going away party. Naturally, I had to read it first.
8.9.2005 1:18pm
Cory Olson (mail):
I have now just achieved immortality adoration of my legal peers bragging rights among friends.

I meant everything I said and I even encouraged the firm I worked at this summer to give a copy to all incoming summer associates.
8.9.2005 1:51pm