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Fill in the Blank:

..., New York Rangers, New York Yankees, Sammy Sosa, New York Yankees, ________, New York Yankees, New York Yankees.

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UPDATE: Some more hints:




Bored Law Student:
I got it. Picked the perfect day for this one.
8.9.2005 2:18pm
Possible Cheater:
What's the convention on using Google to find the answers to these puzzles? This one's too easy if you do it that way.

I'd suggest that in each puzzle, you indicate whether you think it's something that people should be able to solve without outside help.
8.9.2005 2:23pm
Kevan Choset (mail):
Possible Cheater, I tried testing its googleability, and I wasn't able to get it that way. But I guess you googled better than I did.

Bored Law Student, well done. And, yes, I did it today intentionally.
8.9.2005 2:31pm
Justin (mail):
It's an unfair question to get it without googling, because you'd have to know something that almost nobody (even this person who lived in the proper place) knows or remembers about both Sosa and ______.

Googling it gets you the answer pretty easily.
8.9.2005 2:44pm
Justin (mail):
PS the list is 174 names long (including repeats).
8.9.2005 2:47pm
Donald (www):
I'm pretty sure I have it without googling for it. I think the list is of subjects of ticker tape parades (Sosa threw me off, but then I remembered the city did him for his home run chase, I think). Given that the puzzle is "perfect" for today, I'm guessing a shuttle crew had one a few years ago--perhaps Senator Glenn when he went up?

Remove this if you don't want the answer up yet.
8.9.2005 3:16pm
Donald (www):
Unless this is some goofy anagram game, and it's only perfect for today because it's National Anagram Day or some such crazy thing.
8.9.2005 3:16pm
Kevan Choset (mail):
Donald, you've got it too. It seems a bunch of you have it, so the answer is: John Glenn and the rest of the crew of the Space Shuttle Discovery (the same shuttle that landed this morning). The list is ticker tape parades given in New York.

I'll pose the following questions while instituting the "No Google Rule":

1. Name two of the three groups to receive ticker tape parades in 1969.

2. Who is the only classical musician to receive a ticker tape parade?

3. Who (group/individual) has received the most ticker tape parades?

4. Who was the first individual female to receive a ticker tape parade (August 27, 1926)?

5. Who was the only person to receive a ticker tape parade in 1990?
8.9.2005 3:32pm
jrobs7777 (mail):
1. NY Mets has to be one.

3. Probably the Yankees.
8.9.2005 3:34pm
Law Devil:
1. Apollo 11
5. Nelson Mandella I believe
8.9.2005 3:41pm
Michelle Dulak Thomson (mail):
Ummm . . . I think 2. is Van Cliburn.
8.9.2005 3:49pm
Michelle Dulak Thomson (mail):
. . . and presumably 4. is Amelia Earhart (NB did not check this)
8.9.2005 3:51pm
Kevan Choset (mail):
All are correct except Amelia Earhart (though she did receive two -- one in 1928 and one in 1932 (following her transatlantic flight).

The other answer for #1 is the crew of Apollo 8 (Frank Borman, James Lovell, and William Anders).

Still no answer for #4...
8.9.2005 3:59pm
Brian Reich:
I'd guess it was the woman who was the first to swim across the English Channel. Her first name was Gertrude, although to say I'm drawin a blank on her last name would imply that I once knew it.
8.9.2005 4:53pm
Syd Henderson (mail):
Gertrude Ederle
8.9.2005 5:07pm
Justin (mail):
So Lady Liberty doesn't count? Syd is right, btw.
8.9.2005 5:10pm