Law Teaching:
Brian Leiter has a number very good posts up about getting into law teaching over at Leiter's Law School Reports.

You better watch out or Eugene may suggest that your post means that law professors are trying to convert the non-academically inclined practitioners.
8.24.2005 9:43pm
Meredith (mail):
Yeah, cause, you know, Eugene draws conclusions and writes his postulates on his blog... which is evil.

And the term 'non-academically inclined practitioner' is redundant.

Obviously the people actually practicing something, doing something, are not academic. Har Har.
8.25.2005 3:04am
Atty in Chicago (mail):
I can't read or trust a guy who has such a bizarre, illogical hate obsession with conservatives. I've learned in life through dealings with others that when someone has a mental disorder in one area of life, it always crosses over to other areas of their life, regardless of how well it is masked.
8.25.2005 4:01pm
Atty in Texas:
"Bizarre, illogical hate obsession" seems like a good set of words to describe your posting this on a thread that has nothing to do with anyone's politics, and merely references (informative) postings about getting into law teaching.
8.25.2005 7:17pm