You Know You're A Lawyer When
you see a car with vanity license plates that read "1USCFAN", and you think to yourself, "Wow, the owner of that car must really love the United States Code!"
Goober (mail):
Only Title 1, apparently.

And you know you're a lawyer and a dork when you think, "Wow, that owner must really love the U.S.C. Congressional and Administrative News Volume but have gotten there just a little too late to get '1USCCAN'!"

What? Oh, like I'm the only one who's ever told a joke that bad.
8.26.2005 12:20am
Am I A Pundit Now? (mail) (www):
Well, there is so much there to love . . .

Now if it had said 1CFRFAN I'd be worried.
8.26.2005 12:21am
John Jenkins (mail):
But if you were an 8CFRFAN would you be pro-immigration, or anti-immigration?
8.26.2005 12:35am
Am I A Pundit Now? (mail) (www):
That depends upon whether you choose to enforce it or not.
8.26.2005 3:01am
Two lawyers are walking down the street when they spot an incredibly lovely, sexy woman. "Boy," exclaims one lawyer, "I'd sure like to screw her!"

"Out of what?" asks the other.

[Off topic, but inevitable]
8.26.2005 4:22am
Stephen Aslett (mail):
I say we have a contest to come up with the dorkiest legal license plates.

I'll throw a couple off the top of my head:

8.26.2005 5:27am
Am I A Pundit Now? (mail) (www):

A woman after my own heart!
8.26.2005 6:59am
Dylan Alexander (mail) (www):
Blogger the Uncivil Litigator has plates reading 12B6, if I recall correctly.
8.26.2005 8:37am
Stephen M (Ethesis) (mail) (www):
12B6 -- I'll have to see if those are available in my state ;)
8.26.2005 10:14am
I always wanted a vanity plate that read "FRCP 60b1"

But I am told malpractice insurance might be hard to get if I did.
8.26.2005 11:56am
42USC1983 (mail):
I wanted 42USC1983 for my plates, but it was more characters than my state would allow. The guy who led the private plaintiffs in the Microsoft litigation (from, I think, Townsend) has the cite to the Sherman Act. So it's 15 USC 3 or something.

There are worse things to be than law nerds!
8.26.2005 12:14pm
Houston Lawyer:
I saw the license plate "MIOGYP" and wondered what was worse, a license plate named after an oil formation (probably now a very rich engineer) or the fact that I knew what it was.
8.26.2005 12:56pm
Robert Schwartz (mail):
Am I A Pundit Now?: I know a law prof who uses UCC in her aol e-mail address.

I had an associate once, who put DDC LAW, on his bright red muscle car's plates and got 3 tickets in 4 months.
8.26.2005 1:12pm
John Frazer (www):
I saw one in Virginia that said "RULE 13-1" and was puzzled because it couldn't be from the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure -- wrong format. Any guesses what it really was?
8.26.2005 1:50pm
John Steele (mail):
I was a protege of the lawyer mentioned above, Gene Crew, of the Townsend Townsed &Crew firm, who landed the billion dollar claim against Microsoft, among other major antitrust verdicts. Gene orgiinally wanted 15USC1, but that was already taken, so he got 15USC2, which he came to believe is the more elegant plaintiff's antitrust claim anyway. I remember this quite clearly because some lawyers were talking about his license plate and I made the rookie mistake of asking what it meant. At first glance it looked liked an ordinary California plate to me.
8.26.2005 1:51pm
SimonD (mail):
I read a comment recently where someone was claiming (presumably fascetiously) that they were so strong a supporter of substantive due process they would even sustain Lochner; so strong a supporter was he, he claimed, hopefully fascetiously, that he had "198 US 45 (1905)" tatooed on his person.

Perhaps I should go ahead and get "480 U.S. 321, 323" etched onto my forearm in rebuttal.
8.26.2005 2:49pm
Edward A. Hoffman (mail):
A law school classmate of mine at USC who got a license plate that said 1CALLAW. Once he learned that UC-Berkeley is widely known as "Cal" he decided to dump the plate. I suggested he give it to a Hispanic attorney who represented the Unocal Corp.

The same classmate once told me he had seen the actual LA LAW plate while on the freeway one morning.

One of the law librarians at USC in those days -- who had a degree in library science but hadn't gone to law school himself -- had a plate that said NOJD4ME.

I also remember a young man who planned on attending law school and who was already trying to acquire the clothes, car, etc. which he thought went with the career choice. His license plate said AROGANT.
8.26.2005 3:20pm
This discussion reminds me of the ASSMAN license plate episode on Seinfeld. Perhaps 42USC1983 was right. There could be something worse than a law nerd: a proctologist nerd.
8.26.2005 7:06pm
Pete Fabrizio:
There's a Heller Ehrman attorney in L.A. that has the license plate "UCC 9."
8.26.2005 9:30pm
Mike D (mail):
I like 18USC666. That'll really throw people off.
8.27.2005 1:36am
he claimed, hopefully fascetiously, that he had "198 US 45 (1905)" tatooed on his person.

I know an attorney that has Lochner's cite (198US45) as his license plate number.
8.27.2005 3:34pm
Eh Nonymous (mail) (www):
Stephen: It's "A3G," for Article 3 Groupie's vanity plate. Has anyone told her about this contest yet?

I might do UPUBLAWG (that's 8) for my blog... is that too dorky?

Out of other areas, how about

ROYGBIV (physicist)
NACL (chemist)
KPCOFGS (biologist)
SSMMBMBSBBMM (med school, anyone?)
8.28.2005 10:38pm