KQED-FM (San Francisco) on the Supreme Court Confirmation Processt:

I'll be on KQED-FM (San Francisco) in a few minutes (starting at 9:05 or so Pacific time), talking about the Supreme Court confirmation process.

Cityduck (mail):
KQED is a great station. There clearly is still a solid place for listener supported public radio in the media mix. Because it's sure obvious that it's the ONLY place in the media where you get real, in depth, discussions of the important issues.
8.26.2005 1:35pm
Anthony (mail) (www):
I heard a little bit of you speaking - I was driving back to my office, and so missed much of the show. I was disappointed that you didn't answer part of the first question (or the first question after 9:30, anyway), about Justices ruling against their personal beliefs, and whether Roberts is likely to do so as a SC Justice.

Thomas' dissent in Lawrence, and Stevens(?) opinion in Kelo both say something to the effect of "if I were a legislator, I would vote otherwise, but this is what the law is, as I see it." I'd be particularly interested in some insight into whether Roberts is the kind of man who would rule against his personal preferences, or if he'd find a way (perhaps an emanation of a penumbra?) to twist the law to fit his preferences.
8.26.2005 3:02pm
Shelby (mail):
I recently moved away from the Bay Area, and KQED is one of the things I miss most. It's one of the least biased media I've found, though blind spots and ideological leanings do sometimes appear. The basic journalistic quality is quite high as well, and unlike here in Oregon I never caught them re-broadcasting a story from a week ago as though it's still new.
8.26.2005 7:43pm
Dick King:
Shelby I've got good news for you.

You can listen live whenever you have an internet conection on a computer with sound capabilities. I use this even though I work in the bay area because there's no reason not to. If you miss a particular broadcast you can listen to talk of the nation or forum or most of the linup at your leisure.

Gene spoke on Forum, which I linked to above. Forum doesn't have as slick a calendar tool as Talk of the Nation does, but this link should work until Forum reorganizes the web site, at which point they're likely to provide a calendar tool.

8.26.2005 10:39pm