Who Will Join Me?:
The damage from Katrina is just off the charts, and the relief efforts are going to take months and years and will require tremendous resources. Who will match me in giving to the relief efforts?

  If I can find between one and five VC readers who will agree to match me dollar for dollar, I'll give $200 to the relief efforts today. If I can find between 6 and 10 people who will match me, I'll up my donation to $400. If I can find 11-15 people, I'll give $600; 16-20 people, I'll raise the donation to $800; and if I can find more than 20 VC readers will match me dollar for dollar, I'll give $1,000.

  If you're a VC reader and you want to match me, your donation will be anywhere from $200 to $1,000, depending on how many VC readers agree to join us. So who is in? If you are, either leave a comment or send me an e-mail at orinkerr (at) so I can get a head count and know how much to give.
I was planning on donating, however donations of that size are beyond my means. What if the total sum contributions of a couple of readers reached a certain level?
8.31.2005 12:06pm
Joshua Wright (mail):
Great idea, count me in.

By the way, the Red Cross takes donations online, here.
8.31.2005 12:16pm
Preferred Customer (mail):
Already gave $250 this morning.
8.31.2005 12:24pm

If you can get a group that will agree to pool resources and match me collectively, that sounds great.
8.31.2005 12:27pm
AppSocRes (mail):
Good idea. It's going to hurt, but my parents and I will donate $200 on the Red Cross web-site listed above. How can I confirm this with you?
8.31.2005 12:28pm

I'm very glad that you're donating. If you want to match me, though, keep in mind that the amount will vary depending on how many VC readers are participating (anywhere from $200 to $1000). Of course, if you don't feel you can commit to that, you are free to donate on your own, and I hope you will.

For those who would like to match, a comment here or a private e-mail will be enough to confirm.
8.31.2005 12:33pm
Juan Non-Volokh (mail) (www):
I don't know if I count as a VC reader or not, but I will match Orin's contribution.
8.31.2005 12:35pm
AppSocRes (mail):
The Red Cross Web Site posted above is overwhelmed. According to the site, telephone contributions to the Red Cross can be made at 1-800-435-7669. I'll do this later today.
8.31.2005 12:38pm
Chris C. (mail):

I can commit to half of a match, if you want to make a collective donation.
8.31.2005 12:42pm
Christi Turner (mail):
Thanks for this - I liked the idea on Instapundit that suggested people donate through work, as corporations might be matching funds. However, since I am self-employed, I don't have that option.

Anyway, I just donated $200 to the Lutheran Disaster Relief Fund, as it has an extremely low adminstration overhead. Please let me know if you would like a copy of my receipt for verification purposes.
8.31.2005 12:43pm
Holy (mail) (www):
Great idea, thanks for doing this. I am broke but will scrape up $50 somehow.
8.31.2005 12:49pm
BJM (mail):
How about an increase of 2% on the top marginal bracket to fund disaster relief and reconstruction of New Orleans?
8.31.2005 12:54pm
Chris C. and Holy,

It appears as though between the 3 of us we might be able to make a sizable contribution. I can put in 100 towards whichever total amount it ends up being.

Anyone else wishing to donate a more limited amount want to contribute to a pool that will be considered one donor?
8.31.2005 12:56pm
Per Son (mail):
I can put up $200.00. So if anyone needs to aggregate, please email me. However, I will send my $200.00 via the internet regardless.
8.31.2005 1:29pm
Joshua Macy:
I'm in for the full $1000. I'm donating through work, which will match it.
8.31.2005 2:20pm
Gary and the Samoyeds (mail) (www):
I will go to $800. So, if someone is in for $200, we can pair up for the full $1000.

Gary Renaud
8.31.2005 2:34pm
Chris C.,

I can match half of the contribution for 400 if you are still interested in splitting it.
8.31.2005 3:15pm
Chris C. (mail):
It's up to $600 now.
8.31.2005 4:10pm
Per Son (mail):

I'll add $200.00 to your $800.00. I sent you an email.
8.31.2005 4:20pm
Kelly (mail):
If someone wants to combine, I've got $200 (regardless).
My email is prankmonkey02 -at-
8.31.2005 4:27pm
Gary and the Samoyeds (mail) (www):
Done. Please record Per Son and I as a "group" for up to $1000.

I can't wait. I'm doing the money now. No refunds necessary if we don't make it. [wag]
8.31.2005 4:42pm
Samuel Ventola (mail) (www):
I'm in!
8.31.2005 4:42pm
I'm willin to contribute 200, and I think Chris C. is willing to put in around that amount, or more.

Between us 3, that puts us at 600.
8.31.2005 5:16pm
Kelly (mail):
So, Taimyoboi, Chris C. and I are at the $600 mark. I'm headed to make my donation online now.

8.31.2005 5:44pm
Jon Porter:
I just sent $100 to Catholic Charities.
8.31.2005 6:00pm
Chris C. (mail):
Taimyoboi and Kelly,
Bah, pool us as a full matching group, I'm in for the remainder, if you're in for up to 200 each.
8.31.2005 6:06pm
I'm in for 200. However, is the bidding over or is there a possibility that the ante will be upped to 800?
8.31.2005 7:00pm
Chris C.

My apologies, I think I read your post wrong. Are you saying you'll cover the remaining 600 on top of Kelly and I's 400?

If so, I'll donate as soon as I hear from you.
8.31.2005 7:13pm
Chris C. (mail):
Yeah, just reread what I posted and realized that my ability to write coherently went out the window for a bit.

Yes, I am in for the remaining 600 above your 200 and kelly's 200.
8.31.2005 7:29pm

Mr. Kerr,

You have another pooled contribution willing to match yours.
8.31.2005 7:57pm
Thanks, Taimyboi. Nicely done.
8.31.2005 8:10pm
Walt Quist (mail):
I am in for the $1,000 if it gets that far. While I am a poor retired military Marine, :) I think the cause is just and the need is great.
9.1.2005 2:07am
David Shimm (mail):
The wife and I are each giving the Red Cross $1000, regardless of how much you eventually donate.
9.1.2005 9:23am
Dale Madren (mail):
I have just given $250 to the Red Cross. Anyone who wishes, feel free to use that in a donation pool.
9.1.2005 2:24pm
Travis (mail) (www):
I'm a regular Conspiracy reader and I gave $1000 to the Red Cross. I did so today before coming across your challenge, but I'm glad to hear of your own intent, and of your use of your bully pulpit to inspire others to do the same. Of course, the people who are most grateful will never know your name.
9.2.2005 1:46am