John Roberts Was Member of Columbia House Record Club:
This is a few weeks old, but pretty hilarious. It's worth a click even for the picture alone.
Flatlander100 (mail):
If he was merely a fellow-travelling dues-paying member, he can probably be confirmed. But if is proven that he was a card-carrying member he's toast.
8.31.2005 9:40pm
SteveMG (mail):
Rumors are that he still has 8-track cartridges too.

Another piece of evidence of his reactionary, troglodyte thinking.

Charles "Chuckles" Schumer was seen walking the halls of the Senate murmuring "Oh, the horror, the horror".

But then again, Chuckles Schumer is always walking the halls murmuring "Oh the horror, the horror."

8.31.2005 10:22pm
Time has shown, however, that BMG members tend to be more forward-thinking, preferring to listen to artists noted for their timelessness, such as the Clash and U2. I have it on good authority that Frank Easterbrook was once a BMG member...
8.31.2005 10:48pm
danithew (www):
9.1.2005 12:12am
Air Supply? I can understand youthful indiscretions (even a 44 year old congressman having an affair). But Air Supply? John Roberts is unfit to be a municipal court judge if he bought an Air Supply albumn.
9.1.2005 9:38am
The Plumber (www):
Yeah, that's a funny picture. Wash, rinse, repeat. Always repeat.
9.1.2005 10:55am
Keith Hilzendeger (mail):
I was unaware The Weekly Standard had moved its publishing headquarters to Madison, Wisconsin.
9.1.2005 11:40am