Israeli Cups Used in Saudi Hospital -- Once:
Arab News has the story. Don't worry: "the matter is being investigated and action will be taken."
jake (mail) (www):
the horror
8.31.2005 9:30pm
Been There, Done That:
but might there not be other, less obvious, Israeli products in our shops and marketplaces?

You mean, like, life-saving pharmaceuticals, high technology, food....?
8.31.2005 9:52pm
Cheburashka (mail):
Is this just an objection to Iraeli products in general, or did the cups runeth over?
8.31.2005 9:53pm
dubis fuenmayor (mail):
To paraphrase Jerry Della Femina: From those wonderful folks who brought you 9/11 and $3.- per gallon petrol.
8.31.2005 10:47pm

The last line of that article is NOT to be missed!

8.31.2005 11:19pm
Amir Meshkin (mail) (www):
The Israelis do the same thing, even worse. Here is a palestinian fun fact for the day. I know most of you don't know this, but its 100 percent true. Israeli settlements get to use as much water as they want, but Arab villages a 100 feet away have to ration their water.

Another great factual tidbit from our "best friend" in the middle east.
8.31.2005 11:43pm
Cheburashka (mail):
That isn't quite right, Amir.

First, Israelis pay for water based on use. The territory Arabs do not. The rationing is imposed by the PA, not Israel.

Second, the Arab treatment of the region's water resources has been abominable, starting with Jordan's draining of the Dead Sea. Then there are the wells allocated to the PA at the start of Oslo that, with conservation, could have lasted for decades, and instead were ravaged and went dry within a few years. Just another valuable resource lost to corruption.

Finally, the drain on water resources in the region today is what it has been for the last Century: The extraordinary population explosion among Arabs, who have in effect (and as I recall, with the explicit support of Arafat) transformed many of their women into reproduction machines, perpetually pregnant walking uteruses.

None of this is Israel's fault.
9.1.2005 12:52am
Been There, Done That:
Ummmm, what does Israel's use of water, good, bad, or otherwise, have to do with the Saudis having a freak out over the origin of some paper cups?

Israel being a first-world economy, civilized, literate, capitalist, with values like free speech, democracy, and due process, does pretty well in a tough situation. It is the Saudis who are increasingly punishing themselves by refusing to trade with Israel.
9.1.2005 1:11am
I, for one, would not drink water if I found out that either the hydrogen or the oxygen was supplied by Israel.
9.1.2005 10:58am
irregular duty:
It appears that some commenters (and presumably the poster) seem to find this amusing because of the countries involved, but could you imagine the reaction to an American hospital using Soviet materials in the 80's. We weren't, and aren't, much more enlightened.
9.1.2005 11:34am
A Blogger:
Huh? "Irregular duty," that makes no sense. Americans in the 1980s were delighted to drink Russian vodka. No one really cared that it was Russian, so long as it was good vodka.
9.1.2005 12:22pm
Irregular Duty, are you serious? I can't imagine any negative reaction to the use of soviet paper cups at even the most tense moments of the cold war. What is it that you're imagining, Americans in the streets protesting the "communist cooties?" In fact, Amercian was flooded with Russian and communist block performing artists and the like in cultural exchanges. Can you imagine the Tel Aviv symphony orchestra being invited to perform in Medina?
9.1.2005 12:28pm
Well, in fact, in my industry, Lockheed Martin's Atlas V rocket uses a Russian built RD-180 engine and many many folks around here are none to happy about inviting the "Reds" onto an American base to help with testing. Anecdotal, I know, but relevant.
9.1.2005 1:03pm
Been There, Done That:

Better drink your oil, then! Or what's left of it.
9.1.2005 1:05pm
VFB (mail):
irregular duty:

I believe you are factually incorrect to assert that in the 1980's trade with the Soviet Union that would outrage Americans. There actually was trade substantial trade between the United States and Soviet Union. See, (I apologize if I am misrepresenting your view. You might believe that Americans would have been opposed to trade in cups used in hospitals, and not trade in general. If so, I am not sure why.)

I think the bigger issue is not the refusal of most of the Arab world to buy Israeli products, but the Arab world's refusal to engage Israeli society. Even in the countries that have diplomatic relations, there is great hostility to academic and cultural relations with Israel. This was not the case with the United States attitude to the Soviet Union. Arab societies might think that they are harming Israel, but in fact, they are harming themselves by promoting ignorance. Much of the Arab world is shockingly ignorant of Israeli society.
9.1.2005 1:06pm
Been there, done that:

Care to share a six-pack of 10w40?
9.1.2005 1:29pm
Been There, Done That:

No thanks. But if you don't want to have world leading, life-saving medical technology and pharmaceuticals in your hospital because it's made by Jews, or avail yourself of the talents of Jewish doctors, then good luck to you. You'll need it. If sick, I'd pick an Israeli hospital over a Saudi one every time. Paper cups and all.
9.1.2005 3:54pm
Tina (mail) (www):
On behalf of the World Zionist Conspiracy (TM), I hereby announce the repossession of all vaccines for smallpox, polio and syphillis. Furthermore, any cure or treatment developed by anyone one on the URL above will no longer be made available to the Ummah. It would be unethical to expect you to remain alive and healthy at the hands of your enemy.

(Cheburashka, that'll take care of the "walking uterus" problem in very short order.)
9.1.2005 8:46pm
nk (mail) (www):
I am grateful that my first comment was deleted -- it was too intemperate. After reflection, what are the penalties in the U.S. for importation of Cuban products? I imagine that they do not include beheading or amputation of limbs. I still hold to my basic premise that Arabs are not yet ready to join the civilized world. Another suggestion: A product of Israel guarantees that no pig by-products were used in the process in accordance with, also, Islamic law. (Unlike, for example, German products who, as everyone knows, have no concept of purity, that country having at one time made mattresses, soap and lamp shades out of human beings. Does Saudi Arabia trade with Germany?)
9.2.2005 12:28am