Economics of Levees and Hurricanes:

Andrew Samwick points to several insightful analyses of the lessons of Katrina in terms of levee maintenance and lessons about hurricane preparedness.

Bruce Hayden (mail) (www):
One commentor to one of the cited posts pointed out that the ACE has pretty much taken over responsibility of flood control throughout the country, esp. since 1936. He then adds that the ACE had funding cuts in recent years, to presumably fund the War on Terror.

But I come to a completely different conclusion than that commentor did. He blames the NO problems on the ACE funding cuts, and, thus, the Bush Administration. I look back at those who abrogated their own responsibility for their own safety to the federal government, and then were surprised when more urgent priorities intervened.

Should NO be rebuilt, as it was, below sea level, and sinking an inch or so a year? Not on my dime. It is a waste of money that we cannot afford. We need a sea port there, refineries, etc. But we, as a nation, don't need the French Quarter, etc. Nice yes. Need no.
9.5.2005 11:18pm