Computer Crime Law as a New Law School Course:
I have been guest blogging over at Balkinization about the emerging field of Computer Crime Law. Here are the three posts so far, in the order they have appeared:
1. A Brief History of Cyberlaw.

2. The Case for A New Computer Crime Law.

3. Computer Crime Law: The New Doctrines.
  I plan a few more posts on the topic, including a post on practice opportunities.
Brian G (mail) (www):
Wasn't there a moot court on this for a few years at Ohio State, but not anymore?
9.5.2005 7:33pm
Mark Knights:
Prof. Kerr,

As a 2L at George Washington, that's a course I'd be interested in taking. Hint, Hint.
9.5.2005 8:44pm
Rich K (mail) (www):

Do you have any general sense of how these courses get started at law schools? Is it completely up to individual professors, or can students usually petition for something like this (it's our money, after all)?
9.5.2005 8:46pm
Dear Professor Kerr,

There was a course on cyberlaw at my school that included a discussion of personal jurisdiction. It was quite popular.

I also took a course on privacy law that included a discussion of whether email was stored or in transit or both for 4th amendment searches, though I think a court recently answered that question.

I have also ran across cases involving IP and computer theft.

I would bet a computer crime course would be quite successful
9.5.2005 11:13pm