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Like Clerk, Like Judge:

As mentioned here before, John Roberts clerked for William Rehnquist. While Roberts would have been the first person to serve on the Supreme Court alongside a judge he clerked for, he will now be the first person to take the seat of a judge he clerked for.

Rehnquist himself clerked for Justice Robert Jackson. Interestingly, Rehnquist was the first justice since Justice Jackson to _____.

(I imagine there are a lot of correct answers that fit there, several of which are probably interesting. I have one in mind.)

Todd Kincannon (mail):
Die in office?
9.6.2005 6:06pm
Jack Soltysik:
die in office?
9.6.2005 6:06pm
Sasha (mail):
Yes, sadly, Jim Lindgren has preempted this puzzle with his previous post.
9.6.2005 6:14pm
This one is a little too easy. You only need to scroll down a few posts to find the answer.
9.6.2005 6:16pm
Kevan Choset (mail):
Yes, the first to die in office. Sorry for the repeat post... busy day!
9.6.2005 6:26pm
Chris24601 (mail):
First person to take the seat of the judge he clerked for? I heard once that Justice Blackmun did that when he was named to the Eighth Circuit.
9.6.2005 6:33pm
Ugh (mail):
Wear the gold thingies on his robe?
9.6.2005 7:32pm
Chris, you're right about Blackmun. He clerked for John Sanborn on the 8th Circuit in '32-'33, and took Sanborn's seat in 1959.
9.6.2005 7:33pm
Paul McKaskle (mail):
If the question is expanded to any clerk succeeding his or her judge, then Kathryn Mickle Werdegar of the California Supreme Court succeeded Edward Panelli, for whom she had clerked, on his retirement.
9.6.2005 7:33pm
John Crichton:
Was WHR the first since Jackson to go to the SCOTUS direct from a position in US DOJ? WHR was AAG for Office of Legal Counsel; Jackson was Attorney General of the US.
9.6.2005 8:42pm
John Crichton:
I must correct my own guess-- Byron "Whizzer" White had been Deputy AG when he went on the Court.
9.6.2005 8:44pm
Kevan Choset (mail):
And Roberts didn't go directly from DOJ. He was already a judge first.
9.6.2005 10:13pm
N Mammen (mail):
Actually, Roberts isn't the first person to take the "seat" of the justice he clerked for. To be techical, Rehnquist himself took the seat of the justice (Jackson) he clerked for. Justice Harlan (II) took Jackson's seat when Jackson died, and Rehnquist took Harlan's seat.
9.6.2005 11:38pm
Attila (Pillage Idiot) (mail) (www):
What's more, Roberts didn't become a judge directly from DOJ. He was a partner at Hogan and Hartson first.
9.7.2005 12:54am
Scott Scheule (mail) (www):
Die in offic?
9.7.2005 10:39am
Scott Scheule (mail) (www):
Damn it, misspelled that. Fuc.
9.7.2005 10:40am