More "God Punishing America Through Katrina,"

this time for supporting the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, helpfully collected in this WorldNetDaily piece (thanks to reader David Weinstein for the poster). I haven't checked the accuracy of most of WND's quotes, but the material that's linked to checks out. For my views on the subject, see my "Does God Dislike Poor People?" post.

UPDATE: More rabbis take this view.

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Mass disasters tend to bring the ultra-religious to the foreground.

9.7.2005 7:41pm
elliottg (mail):
My favorite of this genre is the rude pundit.

His take
9.7.2005 7:46pm
i think the coincidently-numbered Genesis 9:11 should give them something to think about.
9.7.2005 8:00pm
Daniel San (mail):
I was more intrigued by the earlier notion that God was punishing New Orleans for its sins. Since Bourbon Street and most of the French Quarter are still standing and above water, God seems to have a different definition of sin than many would guess.
9.7.2005 8:09pm
nk (mail) (www):
As I wrote in your prior post on the subject, this is not orthodox Christian doctrine. God does not send fire and water. He sent His only-begotten Son who made a New Covenant with His flesh and blood. Sinners will be judged at the Second Coming. With six billion people on earth, it is statistically impossible not to find a few with kooky religious ideas. There is one especially rabid group in our country who attends the funerals of soldiers killed in Iraq and mocks their deaths as God's punishment for America's tolerance of homosexuality.
9.7.2005 8:31pm
magoo (mail):
While we're (back) on the general subject of whether disease and disaster are part of God's "Toolbox for Justice," perhaps the best response to the AIDS-as-retribution nonsense is to observe that if it were true, lesbians must be God's chosen people. They have a lower incidence of AIDS than anybody.
9.7.2005 11:14pm
Fire Marshall B (mail):
Gays and lesbians have a lower incidence of AIDS than heads of state? Law professors? Bavarians over the age of 50 named Jon?
9.8.2005 1:23am
Neil C. Reinhardt (mail):

How can something which does not exist (other than in the minds of he/she/its believers)
dislike anything?

After all, there is NO more proof that the Christian god (or he/she/it) exists than there is proof that any of the other 30,000 some gods humans have invented so far exists either.

By the way, I LOVE what saying
he/she/it sounds like when spoken. What a perfect name for any, and all gods.
9.8.2005 3:35am
Nick (South Africa) (mail):
>perhaps the best response to the AIDS-as-retribution nonsense is to observe that if it were true, lesbians must be God's chosen people. They have a lower incidence of AIDS than anybody.<
Too true but it would have taken more than a finger in the Dyke to stop the flooding of New Orlean'!
9.8.2005 6:03am
Eugene Volokh (www):
Folks: Sorry to be a bother, but (1) please read carefully the posts and the comments before responding to them, and (2) please try hard to understand them -- and think about how others will understand theoretically ambiguous but practically relatively clear phrases in them -- before criticizing them.

Fire Marshall B: Magoo said "lesbians," not "gay and lesbians." Also, if you were trying to understand what he was writing, rather than just argue with it, how would you interpret "anyone"?
9.8.2005 11:28am
Fire Marshall B (mail):
I appreciate you pointing out my mistake. If my post appeared argumentative for the lapse, then I regret it all the more.

Because incidence is calculated based on the number of new cases of a disease in a population at risk over a specific period of time (using total person years at risk to account for changes in the population at risk), I would say that the "anybody" in Magoo's post technically refers to any other individual that is in "a population at risk" other than lesbians.

That's about all I know about epidemiology so I'll let those who know more than me inform me. Do lesbians have the lowest incidence rate out of those populations that the CDC decides to measure? (table is exposure). Is that what "anybody" means: the lowest incidence out of any populations at risk that is measured? Or are there other populations at risk that are not being measured, presumptively because incidence, or prevalence, of AIDS is lower in those populations?
9.8.2005 8:12pm
TheCuriousKitten (mail) (www):
Fire marshal;

Now reading that, and taking the context of the claim, I would assume that "anybody" referred to groups with differing sexual behaviors(I.E. Heterosexuals, Bisexuals, Gay men).

After all, he is referenced the argument that God hates gays and thus smites them with AIDS. Comparing lesbians to cultural and economic groups seems irrelevant to his original argument. Besides, there is no reason to compare lesbians to cultural, economic, and ethnic groups. The groups will have overlap and completely invalidate any sort of comparison you want to make.

9.9.2005 12:36am